How long does it take to digest red meat

How long does it take to digest red meat

How long to digest red meat It will at least take 1day to 3 days to completely digest the red meat, the digestion process will take 30 hours to 40hours

The digestion process will be different for each other it depends on food, men and women,

Children and adults. it is very hard to digest than other food it takes lots of time required more chewing in the mouth, higher stomach acid, and more pancreatic enzymes to digest due to its high protein and fat content.  Lean meats, for example, chicken and fish, are easy to digest than red meat because of their lower fat content. excessive red meat eating will impact your health such as upset stomach and more serious conditions including colon cancer.

the digestive process will start with the mouth and it will take at least 6 to 8 hours for food to move to the stomach and small intestine. When the food enters the large intestine, most of the digestive process takes place there. than edible elements food will be removed, the leftover will discharge through the anus

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